2013 Summer Innovative Program at Purdue
A&D490 Interdisciplinary Design Essence


      Li Zhang (Professor, Visual Communications Design)
      Zhenyu Cheryl Qian (Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Interaction Design)


Designed for students who are interested in competing in multicultural job markets and graduate design programs, this summer course explores and instructs differences and connections across cultures in visual design, industrial design, and interaction design, and enhances students’ presentation and promotion skills.



It is a 4-week summer course (4 hour per day) running from July 8th to August 2nd 2013. This program will be delivered in a combination of lectures and studios. It involves the selection, analysis, interpretation, organization, communication, and evaluation of information to the audience and interaction users, covering a wide variety of delivery mediums, such as lecture, design discourse, individual and group critiques, and in class studio work. This course demonstrates the differences and connections between visual design and interaction design, and enhances students’ skills to present and promote their own design projects in global job markets and academic institutions.

Students who complete the program and pass the reviews will be granted a certificate issued by Department of Art and Design and three academic credits from Purdue University (transferrable to all Purdue graduate or undergraduate programs and some USA universities).

English Proficiency

Minimum English Proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS) is NOT required. However, students should be able to communicate effectively in English.

Housing Options

Purdue provides housing to all students who request and have paid for Purdue-arranged housing ( $27 per student per day). The deadline for requesting summer housing is the same as the application date.

Two students will share a one-bedroom apartment (Hilltop Apartments, 23 Hilltop Drive, West Lafayette, IN,47906)

Tuition & Fees

It is a high-end study abroad program that puts value for money at the center of its philosophy. The Tuition and Housing fee structure covers much more than just tuition. Students also available of the free use of computers in design studios, IT and library services. They also can access department facilities such as the professional plotters, laser cutter, and 3D printer at Purdue student discounted prices to create possters and models.


*Please note that transport to and from the US and living cost are not included in the comprehensive fee. Please refer to www.purdue.edu/bursar to see what Purdue usually charges for summer tuition. According to the current online calculator (http://www.purdue.edu/bursar/tuition/calculator/2012-2013.html), tuition fee for an international student is $3134.90.

Application Process

To ensure the quality of education, our program will only select and admit 16 students in this summer course this year. The admission process is based on a "first apply, first consider" policy.

  1. Please submit the application form and a photocopy of your current transcriptsto our department (contact our secretary: Ann Nicoson anicoson@purdue.edu, telephone: 1 765 494 3058) to show the intent. The deadline is March. 31st, 2013.
  2. If you pass the instructors' review, the selection committee will forward your name to Purdue's international student admission office. You will be contacted by them to submit other application materials (official transcripts and other documents required by the admission office) .
  3. You will register as a new student in Purdue's system (the system admission fee is basically non-refundable, details please check the university policy) and be eligable to take this summer program as a course. Department of Art of Design will send a formal admission letter to your address (the address you filled in your application form).
  4. With this admission letter, you can apply for a US traveling Visa and start to purchase flight tickets to join us in the summer.
  5. After you have ensured your trip and our program will help you to reserve the housing and maybe the dinning plan .

If you have further questions about this program, please feel free to contact either Prof. Zhang at lzhang3@purdue.edu or Prof. Qian at qianz@purdue.edu