Purdue Interaction Design Alumni

Miller-Graaf, Garret M.

Senior User Experience Designer at Samsung
Master of Fine Arts in Interaction Design, Graduated: 2013 Spring
Email: garretmiller at gmail dot com

Thesis title: Digital Integration: Contributing to an Enhanced Fast Casual Restaurant Experience
This thesis study was inspired by technologies becoming more interconnected into our everyday physical contexts. By investigating digital integration, I have created a digital ecosystem that supports the customers’ continual actions within a fast casual restaurant. To support a fully contextual design, multiple ethnographic practices were conducted. This resulted in the significance of the individual touchpoint relying on the greater whole for its success. By developing each touchpoint together as one, I created cohesive interactions that led to a unified digital user experience within the physical environment of Camille’s Sidewalk Café.


Peng, Yinghuan (Patty)

User Experience Designer at Elekta
Master of Fine Arts in Interaction Design, Graduated: 2013 Summer
Email: pengyinghuan at gmail dot com

Thesis title: A Comparative Approach to Evaluate and Enhance Information Interaction Design in Visual Analytics Systems
Visual analytics is the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by visual interactive interfaces. In contrast to machine learning or statistics, visual analytics couples human and computer closely together. Interaction design is an important component in the visual analytics research since it facilitates the sense making process. The purpose of this project is to evaluate, analyze and improve a visual analytics system, designed to solve the VAST 2011 Mini-Challenge 1 from the interaction design and user centered design perspective. During the research, three methods will be used to ensure the validity of data: Preliminary study of heuristic evaluation, quantitative questionnaires, and qualitative interviews.


Rasche, Nancy J.

Lecturer at Purdue University
Master of Fine Arts in Interaction Design, Graduated: 2013 Fall
Email: nrasche at purdue dot edu

Thesis title: Design Strategy for the Development of Applications for Autism Instruction
This thesis explains Nancy's journey of exploration into the development of a mobile application for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) based on researching an area of instructional need. The purpose spread to creating a framework for collaboration between the design and the research communities to generate more educational opportunities for these children. Two paths of development of touch screen mobile computer (TSMC) applications for children with ASD are explored in this paper. For more information, please visit her website at http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~nrasche/


Charles, Jesse

User Experience Achitect at Konrad Labs
Master of Fine Arts in Interaction Design, Graduated: 2014 Fall
Email: jcharles00 at gmail dot com

Thesis title: Bikes and Business: Interaction Design for Retail
Jesse Charles is a graduate student in the Interaction Design program. His research interests include humanizing machine interactions, the cognitive effects of multitasking, and user experience in retail settings.